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The Granicrete countertop is as durable as it is beautiful. We wanted a new countertop for our master bathroom that was of good quality, easy to care for, and matched the style of our room. We felt Granicrete met all of our expectations. We really enjoyed being able to be a part in planning the design of the countertop. We chose the color, the texture details, as well as a process that enables the countertop to glow in the dark. We were pleased that we could put our stamp on it making it a one of a kind unique purchase and investment. The craftsmanship is second to none as it is custom made to fit perfectly. We are very satisfied with our Granicrete countertop and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to update their countertops with the latest style and professional look of Granite.
David and Kristi Marson
After seeing the Granicrete product for a couple of years at the Home Show, we got in touch with Kurt while planning our kitchen remodel. We had a very specific color we wanted the countertops to be to compliment the cabinetry and walls. Kurt blended a countertop color to meet our exact requirements. Kurt was very detailed in every aspect of preparing for the job and installation. We have gotten numerous compliments on the countertops; specifically the chiseled edging. We would highly recommend the Granicrete product and Kurt's work to anyone!
David and Dawn Bill
Absolutely love our new COUNTER TOPS!! Wish we would have done it years ago. Kurt is very meticulous about his work and goes out of his way to accommodate his customers. We are always excited to show them off. We tell everyone do not hesitate for a minute. You will love them. THANKS KURT.
Dave and Patty Gilbert
We appreciate the time Kurt spent in customizing countertops to fit our desired colors and pattern. He is very conscientious, and his workmanship and installation are top-notch. We are enjoying our new kitchen, thanks to Kurt!
JoAn and John Collins
Thank you for your very fine job of installing these marble countertops. We are very happy with them. They still look so nice as the day you put them on.
Jim and Loretta Mathas
Thanks for the great job and efficient service on my counter tops. When friends come in, they are very impressed with the beauty and quality of your work. Let me know if anyone would like to see them...I would be glad to have them stop by.
Mick - Mason City
We LOVE our new countertops. Everyone thinks they're granite. Kurt is meticulous in his work, making sure the edging is perfect, the color is exactly what you want, and he cleans up after himself. We appreciated not having to remove our old countertops and to end up with a product that doesn't have any seams. We'd do it again.

The stove repair guy was in awe of the countertops...our friends are amazed. I'm sure you'll be getting more work as time goes on. Wishing you and your family a great holiday!
Paul and Janet - Rockwell
I was extremely happy with Kurt's installation of our kitchen counters. My wife runs an in home daycare and everything possible was done to accommodate her. He custom made the whole counter and we were present for the coloration. Colors & finish all remained true to what we had chosen & the whole process was very smooth.
Jim & Dort - Osage